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You don’t know how to position premium financed life insurance
We understand. There is no support, teaching, or training to learn how to do premium financed life insurance. Your insurance marketer can give you tips and pointers, the carriers say good luck, and lenders lend, not teach. With the agent or advisor, the Life Capital Strategy ™ facilitates the premium financed life insurance case from the beginning until the case is closed. We bring all the tools needed throughout the process.
You don’t have the time to learn or the staff to implement premium financing
Premium financed life insurance is brilliant when used correctly, but it is a process. If you just don’t have the time to take away from your day-to-day operations to become a premium finance pro or if you don’t have the staff to assist, we become your premium finance pro and put everything together for you. We give you the presentations or present for you, and our staff gets it all done.
You understand the insurance but don’t understand the financing
That dreaded moment when you just don’t have the answer for the client. The Life Capital Strategy ™ brings the financing institution, financing illustrations, explanations, presentations, and answers to all questions so you never miss out on another case. Working with us you’ll learn the financing, how everything works, how loans get repaid, and we have the answers to your client’s questions.
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Alex Skijus is an experienced Investment Advisor Representative and a licensed Life Insurance Agent. He established Life Capital Strategies, LLC because he realized the need of a premium financed life insurance case facilitator for agents and advisors across the country who want to include it in their practice but just don’t know how. Very few agents and advisors implement premium financed life insurance as part of their practice, many still have never heard of it. Marketing organizations market product and business strategy, insurance carriers create illustrations, underwrite, and insure, banks lend money. There’s no one to teach how to put it all together for an agent or an advisor to be able to implement wonderfully constructed premium financing as the way to fund life insurance for qualifying high-net-worth clients. Life Capital Strategies, LLC was created by an advisor who saw an unfulfilled industry need to help other life agents and advisors add premium financing to their practice. 

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