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  • 1. What is premium financed life insurance?
    Premium financed life insurance is a strategic way to fund a life insurance policy. It is when a client uses a strategic loan from a bank to pay their insurance premium instead of paying the premium out of the client’s own pocket.
  • 2. Why would someone use premium financing to fund their insurance?
    When a financially qualifying client uses premium financing to pay their insurance premiums the client can maximize important cash flow now, and the client often experiences more death benefit or more potential tax-free retirement income from the policy compared to a traditional out-of-pocket premium payment method.
  • 3. Why would licensed professionals want to add premium financing to their practice?
    First and foremost, premium financing can enable licensed professionals to add tremendous value to their client’s insurance, estate, and financial plan. Often, properly structured premium financed insurance policies come with larger initial face amounts which can significantly increase target premium production for licensed professionals.
  • 4. How does Life Capital Strategies actually help?
    Many financial advisors, CPAs, and insurance agents throughout the country have wanted to use premium financing for their financially qualifying clients but just don’t know how to do it. We work with advisors, CPAs, insurance agents and any other licensed professionals and bring everything from A-Z so they can finally begin placing premium financed life business in their practices.
  • 5. Do I have to clear my insurance through Life Capital Strategies?
    No! We are not an IMO. Whether you’re an institutional insurance agent direct with independent carriers, a full-service insurance-producing registered rep, a captive insurance agent, or an independent financial advisor with an IMO, we want you to keep clearing your insurance however you currently clear your insurance through. However the licensed professional clears their insurance business is fine with us. We consult licensed insurance professionals from A-Z to get their desired premium financed life insurance policies started and finished!
  • 6. How do we get paid?
    We are here for the licensed professional to add more value for their clients, close premium financing life deals, and increase their revenues. We are incentivized by your deal getting closed and are compensated by participating in a minority share of the commission of the life policy placed. There are several engagement levels that licensed professionals can choose to engage us with depending on their needs of services such as: if they just need financing and policy illustrations, or if they also need financial planning, software, presentations, and training, or if they also need help with video conference/in-person presentations to clients, direct communication with the client, and meetings with clients CPAs, attorneys, and other estate professionals. We exist for licensed professionals to crack the code of premium financing and we provide the solution from A to Z so licensed professionals only have to turn a key to increase their value to clients, target premium production, and annual revenues.
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